The decision is made — you buy a puppy! Your choice is finally stopped by the German Shepherd. First of all, I want to warn you that choosing and purchasing a puppy is not an easy task, and before you have a small fluffy bundle in your house, which you will have high hopes for, try to study the essence of the problem, which will be discussed below. And then contact the owners of those dogs that can match your idea of an ideal German shepherd. Perhaps, for this you will have to visit several nurseries, see different dogs, visit exhibitions or competitions. The more responsible you come to this issue, the more likely that you will not be mistaken in your choice,

Do not get discouraged from acquiring and growing a puppy and will forever remain a fan of this wonderful and the most popular breed in the world.

The German Shepherd was removed and, for a century, was formed as a universal breed of dogs, capable of performing a variety of work. Pasture of sheep flocks, protection of the territory, work on trail, detention and neutralization of dangerous criminals, search for explosives and drugs, saving lives of people in zones of natural disasters is not a complete list of the possibilities of the German shepherd. In addition, this is just a faithful, disinterested, full of charm and intelligence creature that lives next to us, pleases us with its beauty and shares with us all the joys and sorrows of our, sometimes hard life.
To preserve and improve all the valuable qualities of the German shepherd, tribal breeding (we also call it «show-breeding») is directed, the selection in which is conducted according to a set of characteristics. The basis of pedigree breeding is a huge population of pedigree animals, characterized by a high breed level, a standard of quality of the exterior, stable heredity, balanced behavior, contactness, easy controllability, good training in various types of services, which creates sufficient resources for the all-round development, progress and popularity of the breed.
But, despite the wide range of use of the German Shepherd, each individual animal can not be universal, it will always have some individual behavioral features and prevailing custom makings due to which to find its application. Therefore, in the breed, in addition to its core core — high-quality breeding animals, there are various breeding directions, oriented to the development of various instincts and reactions, the behavior and character characteristics most appropriate to one or another purpose of the dog. These requirements are sometimes directly opposite, which often causes disputes and conflicts among supporters of various types of breeding, and the beginner is even more misleading. In this article, I want to help novice lovers understand the essence of the matter and find their GERMAN SHEPHERD, which will never make you regret choosing, and for many years will please you with its existence.
First of all, try to answer honestly to yourself the question — what was the reason for choosing this particular breed? The answers, as well as the reasons, can be several:

The first reason: You are obsessed with the dream of the smartest, most beautiful, most devoted dog in the world, the image of which was formed under the impression of the heroes of popular films — Mukhtar, Djulbarse, Commissioner Rex.

Reason two: You need a dog to perform any specific work — protection of the apartment, dacha, infield, or maybe even your profession is associated with the need for special use of the dog (search, shepherd, search and rescue service) and you have heard or Somewhere read that the German shepherd — the most suitable for this breed.

Reason three: You are an athlete and spiritually — a leader, and the acquisition of a dog is associated with the opportunity to participate in any sporting events, with the obligatory condition to achieve high results. If you were to attend dog training competitions, where the leading role belonged to German shepherds, you can have no doubt about your choice.

Reason four: You are an esthete and creative person, not devoid of a sense of competition, and acquiring a German shepherd, you can not help looking for opportunities to realize your creativity in this hobby. If you have ever been to a specialized exhibition, the spirit of rivalry, the taste of victory and the desire to grow your Champion one day became your guiding star in the world of the German Shepherd.

Reason five: Your friends, relatives, neighbors have a German shepherd, and maybe not even one. Maybe — a whole nursery. You see with what enthusiasm your friends give this hobby — they bring dogs from abroad, participate with them in exhibitions, grow puppies, and what’s more important — they receive from this good, in your opinion, income.