Defective seat belts found in 400,000 cars

A major manufacturer of seat belts found the marriage in their products, which are supplied to many automobile brands. In this regard, under opinion can get almost 400,000 cars worldwide.

We are talking about the Swedish company Autoliv. As writes Automotive News, the company has identified a defect in the retractors their seat belts. It is fraught with the fact that in the course of operation they can fail and thus create a threat to the life of the driver and passengers.

At the moment there are two cases in the United States when after the accident was revealed married in the seat belts Autoliv. The Swedes informed about the situation of National control of highway traffic safety United States (NHTSA), saying that the service campaign may affect 381 thousand. From 267 thousand of them is not excluded incorrect operation of the pretensioner, and 114 thousand – and at possible failure of seat belts, inform

It is known that the potential subject to recall about 1,300 models of different brands. Now Autoliv cooperates with manufacturers in order to determine the exact number of vehicles equipped with defective seat belts.